One Minute Write

This strategy will help students to:

Personally connect and engage with what they are reading. One Minute Write is a simple reflection strategy for after you have read a passage, watched a video, or viewed an image. Students are given 60 seconds to reflect on what they have read, then share and discuss what they have written. This strategy works well with the see, think, wonder graphic organiser.


  1. Students read the allocated text.
  2. Students are given 60 seconds to reflect on what they have read. Students can write about anything that the text has made them see, think, or wonder. The only rule is that their pen must keep writing for the entire 60 seconds.
  3. Students then get together in pairs and read what they have written aloud. During this stage, have the text projected on the whiteboard and encourage them to reread it and see what else they notice.
  4. Class discussion- ask students to summarise and share what they or their partner wrote about the passage.

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