Reading with a question in mind

This strategy will help students to:

Personally connect and engage with what they are reading. Reading with a question in mind is a during reading strategy that helps to encourage ‘active reading’. Students generate questions as they read then critique and discuss them in small groups.


  • Students are given a text that they will read (either independently, in small groups or as a class).
  • Students read the information, and write down as many questions about the text as they can as they read.
  • When they are finished reading the passage or text, ask students to go back and analyse the material more in depth. Then write a few more questions about the text.
  • Students should then critique their own questions and pick the 5 best questions to share with their partner.
  • Break the students into pairs, and have them share the questions that they have written.
  • During the discussions have each pair pick one question that they think is the most important question on their list.
  • Students share their most important question and the class works together to answer it.

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