Frequent Contact

This strategy will help students to: Frequent contact gives students an opportunity to think about, discuss, categorize, and use words based on the inferences students make about a variety of clustered words. This strategy is especially useful when you want students to examine and discriminate between roles and activities of a person or object.


  1. Students are given a list of words and three category labels.
  2. Students draw three columns on a page and put one label at the top of each column.
  3. Students work in pairs or small groups to read, think about, and discuss each of the words and decide who or what (category label) would have the most frequent contact with each of the words in the list.
  4. Students place each of the words in the list under one or more of the category labels based on frequency of contact between word and label.
  5. If students can justify putting a word in more than one category, they should place the words in all categories that make sense.
  6. Members of one group make their completed categories known for the rest of the class.
  7. Students then discuss differences in their categories from the posted list.
  8. Answers are “right” if students can justify placing a word in a category.
  9. Following discussion, students use one of the clusters of words to support their writing.frequent contact



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