Possible Questions

This strategy will help students to:

  • use specialised academic vocabulary words from an upcoming text to predict possible questions they believe the text will answer.
  • Students may revisit their questions to answer or revise content at a later date.


  1. Choose specialised, critical vocabulary from the text or unit that students will be studying. Words should be significant in terms of role in understanding the text or unit.
  2. Group words into clusters of two or three that would logically go together in terms of information related to the topic of study.
  3. Ask students to work in groups to generate questions using the clustered words. The questions should be ones students believe will be answered in the course of their reading about the topic.
  4. During and after reading, students use their questions to monitor and check for understanding. If one or more of their sentences were answered, students write answers to the questions in the space provided.
  5. If students need to revise their questions to create questions using the target words, they do so and then answer the questions.
  6. Finally, students use the target words to create a visual representation of what they have learned about the topic.

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