Rubrics self-assessment

Strategy:  Rubrics self-assessment

Phase: Focused Instruction/Guided Instruction/Collaborative Learning/Independent Learning

Description: This formative assessment strategy allows students to self-assess. This task gives the student time to work on areas they are weak in or not yet completing. It is a quick way for teachers to see where the student is at and discuss ways they can improve their learning.




  • At varied stages throughout an assessment task, but before the end, students are given a paper copy of their rubrics.
  • Ask students to highlight the parts of the rubrics that they feel they have completed so far.
  • Discuss individually the student’s self-evaluation and their plan of action to improve their learning.



  • When setting students a piece of work, show them examples that make it clear what it is they are being asked to do – and what they need to do in order to meet the assessment criteria. (focused instruction/modelling)
  • In pairs students mark this work using the assessment rubrics. (This will help model what is being asked for and how it relates to the process of assessment.)


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