Justification Flow Chart

This strategy will help students to: 

  • Identify why their decision is correct or best.
  • It is particularly useful for writing paragraphs that give a step by step visual account of a solution or a process.



    1. Enter the decision in box 1
    1. Enter further information or steps in sequential order I the following boxes as per the example below.
    2. The flow chart can grow as more information is gathered.




TOPIC: Cold war and post war conflicts (History Year 10)

TASK: Decide whether Australia made the right decision to send troops to the Vietnam War. Justify your decision.

TOOL: Justification Flow Chart

  STEP 1: Decision: Australia’s decision to enter the Vietnam war in 1062 was incorrect.
STEP 2 Because The main reason for entering the war was the fear that once one country became communist, others would soon follow
Because The was based on an assumption that if Vietnam became united under communism, the regime would oppose the democratic West and become a threat in Southeast Asia
Because It opposes a country’s fundamental right to choose the type of rule and Government that they want


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