This strategy will help students to:

  • Revise subject content
  • Consolidate their own thinking
  • Show respect and value for the skills, experiences, creativity, and contributions of group members.


1.The teacher will provide a scenario or a series of questions.

2.The TIME KEEPER calls “think time” and puts the timer on for 5 minutes.

3.Each individual writes down their answer, shielding their answer from their group members.

4.The TASK MASTER says “flash.” Each student turns their paper face out and “flashes” their answer for the others to see.

5.The group discusses the answers shown. If they are all the same, the Turn Taker will encourage group members to explain how they got to their answer.

6.If there are different answers, the Turn Taker will lead the group to discuss the discrepancy and try to come to agreement on one answer.

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