Partner Response – Opportunity to Respond

Partner response means when a question is posed, a student responds to a peer/partner or team.  This is appropriate when the response is long or longer.  The partners/teams should include high and low performing students. 

Think-Write-Pair-Share:  Teacher gives prompt or question.  Students write a response.  Pairs share answers.  They may add to their written responses.  Teacher calls on pairs to share with whole group.

Quick Writes and Draws: Teacher gives prompt. Students jot response and share.  (ex. List 2 synonyms for ___.)

Roundtable: Teacher gives prompt.  Students write. Pencils down.  On signal, paper is passed to person on right who then adds to it.  Keep passing papers within group. (ex. write a conversation between 2 characters in our story.)

Buddy Buzz: Teacher gives prompt or question. Partner A tells B their response.  On signal, Partner B tells A their response.

Think-Pair-Share:  Teacher gives prompt or question. Give wait time (“Think”).  On signal, pairs share answers.

Pairs Compare: Groups of 4 are divided into 2 sets.  While one student completes task, the pair is coaching or checking the work.  Then partners switch roles.  When work is done, pairs in team compare their work.  (ex. graphic organizer)

Inside-Outside circle: Students stand in 2 concentric circles facing each other.  Teacher prepares index cards with relevant questions.  Inner circle partner asks question to outside partner.  Teacher gives signal to rotate and students in either the outer or inner move. 

Numbered Heads:  In teams, students number off 1-4.  Teacher gives prompt or question.  The team puts their heads together to discuss answer(s).  Teacher calls out a number 1-4.  All students with that number stand up.  On signal, they show answer or share verbally the team’s response(s).

Mix-and-Match: Teacher prepares cards and gives one to each student.  On signal, students get up and mix (or cards are passed among team).  Teacher calls Freeze.  No more trading.  Students move to find match.

Book Bits: Teacher prepares sentence strips or fact sheets.  Students go to front of room and read aloud from sheet.  Reread strips to reinforce key concepts or to build fluency.

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