Individual Response – Opportunities to Respond

An OTR is an instructional question, statement, or gesture made by the teacher seeking an active response from students, and addresses the number of times the teacher provides requests that require students to actively respond (Miller, 2009). Simonsen, Myers, & DeLuca (2010) define OTR as a teacher behaviour that prompts or solicits a student response (verbal, written, or gesture).

The use of multiple OTRs within classroom instruction ensures that students are engaged and actively involved in learning. The more time students spend engaged in learning activities, the more they learn. Additionally, increased rates of responding and the subsequent improved learning tend to increase the amount of material that can be covered.

Individual responses means when a question or prompt is given, a student responds by a written or verbal response.

Talking Chips: Teacher gives each student two to three chips.  Teacher gives prompt or question.  Students give move a chip to centre of table every time they speak.  Take turns.

Four Corners:  Teacher labels corners with relevant words or phrases.  Teacher gives prompt or question.  Each student writes a response and turns it over.  On signal, students move to corner that corresponds with their responses

Show Me:  Teacher gives prompt or questions.  Teacher asks students to show understanding by signalling (thumbs up, down; hold up number of fingers, etc.)     

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