Term 4 External Professional Learning Opportunities

With the beginning of a new term there are once again some great professional learning opportunities on offer for staff from external providers to support the ongoing development of our pedagogical practices. Please find a list of highlighted upcoming sessions from The Academy of Teaching and Leadership (formerly Bastow), the eSafety Commissioner, the AEU and Critical Agendas.

When applying for external Professional Learning opportunities it is important to apply with the external provider themselves, but firstly to do so through Compass to seek the approval from the college including the Daily Organiser.

The Victorian academy of teaching and leadership (vatl)

Website: https://www.academy.vic.gov.au/professional-learning

Course: Teaching Excellence Program (TEP)

Audience: Designed for teachers with a minimum of three years teaching experience from Government, Catholic or Independent schools.

Application closing date: 11th October

The TEP program is a 1 year program designed to advance professional knowledge and practice for highly skilled teachers from the Victorian Government, Catholic and Independent schools. The program builds teaching excellence through a focus on disciplinary knowledge, practitioner inquiry responsive pedagogy and dispositions for teaching. The program is structured around the key Learning Areas including The Arts, English including English as an Additional Language, Health and Physical Education, The Humanities, Languages, Mathematics, Science & Technologies.

Course: Coaching with Confidence.

Audience: Principal, Assistant Principal and Leading Teachers, Learning Specialists and Teacher Leaders.

Application closing date: 26th October

This course is delivered over 5 months and comprises:

  • online workshops (12 hours)  
  • one-on-one coaching (2 hours)  
  • self-directed learning (approximately 12 hours)
  • post-course activities.  

Course:  Beyond Learner Engagement with Valerie Hammond

Audience: Teacher, Teacher Leader, Principal Class

Date of Webinar: 19th of October 4.30pm-6.30pm

During this webinar, hosted by Valerie Hannon, you will be introduced research that identifies future-focused design principles for schools.   

You will explore how these principles are being brought to life around the world and how they influence passionate engagement of learners as agents in their own learning journeys. 

During this session you will focus on: 

  • the importance of narrative, and how the predominant narrative about schooling is holding us back  
  • how a future-focused narrative needs to be co-created by everyone and what that might look like 
  • how schools that are seeking to prepare for future challenges should employ design principles to guide their practice 
  • the nature and relationship of design principles, grouped around values, operational philosophy, and learner experience 
  • how to begin to practically develop principles in your school

Course: Michael Fullen on Leading Change in a New Era

Audience: Teacher, Teacher Leader, Principal Class

Date of webinar: 26th October 9.30am-11.00am

Schools exist in a dynamic and constantly changing environment. This requires teachers and leaders to continuously adapt, evolve and remain solutions focussed.

This webinar will discuss how your actions are linked to contextual literacy and how mutual empathy is a key disposition for leaders to build trust among staff, students, and the wider community.  

You will also explore the importance of wellbeing with an emphasis placed on ‘deep learning’ and the role of students as changemakers.

By engaging in this webinar, you will understand:  

  • foundational concepts for how to improve your school in a short period of time
  • that change starts with the leader
  • concepts that can help you strengthen your leadership practice
  • insights and ideas that expand beyond your school

how to influence other schools, regions and states for broader societal transformation

Australian Education Union (aeu)

Website: https://www.aeuvic.asn.au/PLC_training

Course: Nuturing resilient, independent students

Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Leading Teachers, Learning Specialists, teachers-leaders and teachers

Date: 17th October 4.00pm-5.00pm

Costs involved

The past few years have been a rollercoaster and there is no doubt resilience amongst our young people has never been lower. Over this one-hour webinar, The Big Sister Experience will take you through their keys to nurturing resilient, confident and happy students.  

You will learn: How to connect with your students on a deeper level; How to encourage resilience and independence; Practical, hands on activities to promote resilience; The importance of a gratitude mindset; Tips and tricks that you can implement into your classroom immediately without going over and above your daily timetable.

Course: Difficult People, Difficult Conversations

Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Leading Teachers, Learning Specialists and classroom teachers

Date: 25th October 4.00pm-5.15pm

Costs involved

In this webinar you will be provided with strategies for effectively engaging in difficult conversations with anyone. Potential conflict with students, parents, colleagues and department officialdom can be one of the most difficult and stressful aspects of school leadership. But it can be managed. There are many practical strategies and techniques available that will not only make leaders’ lives easier but will also greatly increase their effectiveness as a school leader. The emphasis for the hour is on setting up the theory behind the practical conflict management skills that are explored in Session 2.

Course: Being your skills as a Year Level Coordinator

Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals, Leading Teachers, Learning Specialists and classroom teachers

Date: 27th October 4.00pm-5.15pm

Costs involved

The program focuses on: clarifying the important role of a YLC in improving student outcomes; understanding the role in terms of the overall leadership context and structure within the school; considering the principles of partnership in building relationships; understanding what drives staff behaviours around student management; implementing effective strategies for supporting teachers to implement the school’s student management policies.

Critical agendas

Website: https://www.criticalagendas.com.au/

Title: Effective Strategies to Engage Reluctant Learners.

Audience: Secondary Teachers

Dates:  13th October, 9.30am-3.00pm

Costs involved

Every teacher strikes a reluctant learner at some point. It may be a student who does not pay attention, seems bored in class or is unmotivated. Or it may be a student who displays unwanted behaviours or is forever silent and withdrawn.

This workshop explores effective tools and strategies to engage reluctant learners in a meaningful way. Core topics –

  • Identifying the disengaged learner
  • Understanding the factors behind disengagement
  • Discovering the principles of engaging reluctant learners
  • Communicating with the reluctant learner
  • Learning styles and the reluctant learner
  • Activities, tips and ideas for motivating and
  • Engaging reluctant learners

Course: Supporting EAL Students in Mainstream Secondary Classes

Audience: Secondary Teachers

Dates:  13th October 9.30am-3.00pm

Costs involved

For many mainstream teachers, catering to the needs of EAL (English as an Additional Language) and CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) students is a challenge.  What exactly do they need?  What can I do to help them? 

This workshop is designed specifically for Secondary Teachers and will provide a brief overview of how additional languages are learned and participants will spend time looking at school through the eyes of an EAL student.  They will learn techniques used by EAL teachers and look at how they can incorporate these into their current practices.  In addition, participants will explore practical ways they can use technology to make their subject more accessible for EAL students.

Course: Behaviour Management. Strategies that support positive relationships

Audience: All School Leaders, Classroom Teachers, Early Career Teachers, Year Level Coordinators and anyone involved in Management of Student Behaviour.

Dates:  21st October 8.45am-3.30pm

Costs involved

Behaviour management has become harder as our world has become more complex. It gets tougher and trickier to find a common approach that everyone can agree to and even harder to find students, teachers and parents who actually stick to the agreed behaviours.

In this Behaviour Management Conference our presenters detail the five key areas that teachers and schools need to consider if they are to successfully develop fully functioning, high performing and socially competent learners.

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