PTR-C Plans

Ongoing Data Monitoring and Teach, Reinforce, Consequence Plans (PTR-C Plans)

When staff use the credit, minor and major behaviour templates on Compass we are able to collect data on student’s positive and challenging behaviours. This data is exported from Compass, analysed and regularly shared with staff in the staff newsletter and weekly meetings. The SWPBS team and Sub School teams will use this data to create PTR-C behaviour action plans that address concerns within our minor and major data. All staff will be provided professional development on the interventions contained within the PTR-C plans. All staff will be supported to implement the PTR-C behaviour action plans. The credit, minor and major data will also be utilised to inform which PBS lessons need to be taught to students and to identify students who may require Tier 2 or Tier 3 supports. A professional development video about PTR-C plans can be found in the induction school documentation folder à PBS induction àDeveloping and implementing PTR-C plans.

Thankyou to Karie Hullin for this presentation.


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