Teaching Expected Behaviours

To ensure that all students have an opportunity to learn and understand our behaviour expectations staff regularly teach behaviour expectations to our students. This greatly assists with developing behavioural consistency across the college. All staff can informally reteach behaviours when a student needs to be reminded and retaught our behaviour expectations.

During Life Skills (Years 7-10) and STEP/PDS (Years 11-12) teachers deliver one formal PBS lesson a week. Each lesson is 2-12 minutes long. The lesson schedule is located in Office365. The pathway to access the lesson schedule is as follows: Curriculum → Positive Behaviour Support → Behaviour Lessons → Lesson Schedules → Term x PBS lesson schedule. Once you have opened the Word Online lesson schedule document click on the hyperlink for the lesson which is to be taught in that week. The hyperlink will open up the PBS lesson template which contains all the information required to run the PBS lesson.

The focus positive behaviour of the week is to be written on the classroom whiteboard, below the magnet, once per week. It can remain there for the entire week and act as a visual prompt for staff and students. The focus behaviour of the week will also be included in the weekly staff newsletter. This focus behaviour assists students and staff to work together to develop this positive behaviour.

PBS behaviour lessons are to be written using the evidenced based tell, show, practice model. This model aligns with our instructional model the gradual release of responsibility. All teaching staff are able to use the PBS lesson template to develop behaviour lessons for their class based on their class’ behavioural and developmental needs. If you would like assistance with writing a PBS lesson please see the PBS leader, a PBS YLEC or a PBS team member.

Link to PBS lesson template

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