Vocabulary Cube

This strategy will help students to:

 help students to learn and understand key vocabulary in your subject.


There are many ways in which a teacher could implement this strategy. One such way would be to:

  1. Provide students with an A3 grid of relevant vocabulary
  2. Students receive a blank cube template.
  3. Teachers direct their students to the elements they would like their students to unpack for example:
  • Define the word
  • Provide an Antonym
  • Provide a Synonym
  • Which Word Class does this word belong to?
  • Give an Example of it in use
  • Why is this word relevant to the current content?

3. Students then cut, fold and tape the paper to make a cube. Then with a partner, they roll the cube on to the vocabulary grid, and must respond to the instruction to their partner for whichever word their cube lands on.

There are many other variations of this activity.

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