Stick It Together

This strategy will help students to:

•Problem Solve independently and with a group

•Consolidate their own thinking

•Show respect and value for the skills, experiences, creativity, and contributions of group members.


1.Get into groups of four

2.The Reader will read the problem out to the group

3.The Time Keeper will time 5 minutes. During this 5 minutes, each person will answer the question individually on their sticky note

4.Once each person has completed their answer, they will stick their notes in the allocated place on the sheet.

5.They will then take turns reading their answers aloud to the group. 

6.Then, working together, reflect on the strengths and areas of need in your own and others’ answers.  Combine the best parts of each to form the best possible answer, making improvements as you collaborate.

7.As a group, decide on the best possible answer, and write it in the allocated space on the sheet.

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