Jigsaw Activity

This strategy will help students to:

  • work in groups to become experts in different areas
  • share and disseminate information
  • helps learners to clarify their own understanding and ask questions of thers


1.Breakout into groups:
• Ask students to make small groups and allocate each one a number (i.e. 1, 2, 3).
This is their home group.
• Ask students to find others with the same number as them and create a separate group. This is their expert group.
• Assign each expert group a concept, framework or theory to master. As a group, they
should determine a way to explain their piece of the puzzle to others.

2.Report back to home group:
• Ask students to explain their piece of the puzzle, ensuring that all their home group
members understand the material.

3.Discuss with home group:
• Ask students to connect the various pieces and put together the whole jigsaw, so that
students are able to see where each part fits into the bigger picture.

Source found HERE

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