Digital Stamps

This strategy will help students to:

  • Receive immediate feedback on electronic work when they are meeting outcomes successfully.
  • See at a glance, feedback in remote learning, where at times, some work may not require extensive marking, but clear indications so that the student knows that they’re on the right track or areas that require more attention.
  • Boost confidence and motivation in their learning with positive reinforcement.
  • Evaluate their own learning or success (when using particular stamps)


  1. When marking work electronically, save the student document to your computer.
  2. While marking and providing feedback, access the digital stamp file (you can share a copy to your own computer for future use if you wish)
  3. Copy the digital stamp you want to use and paste it into the document.
  4. After you have finished your feedback, save the work and upload/share it with the student.
  5. Watch this video for a visual demonstration.
  • Many students share drafts of their work electronically, and you may choose to acknowledge good work in a traditional way, with a modern spin, by using these digital stamps
  • Additionally, these stamps can be applied to outgoing work which is yet to be completed as some of them require students to remember or reflect on something.
  • Thanks to Linda McGloin for sharing this strategy with the college

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