LOOM – Screen Casting and Voice Recording

This strategy will help students to:

  • Gain access to the instruction they need from classroom teachers, in a video format, without interruption from the classroom environment.
  • Reflect back on the video if necessary
  • Access an alternative way to receiving information.


1. Go to www.loom.com

2. Download the desktop app version (add to taskbar)

3. Create an account for videos to be uploaded to

4. Click on the icon to run the loom app and record a short test video (with or without the camera, ensure you have an operational microphone)

5. Test your microphone volume using the bar besides the microphone readout on dialog box. It should raise up and down in a green bar if your mic is working.

6. Press play and wait for a countdown (on screen) and the stop icon to turn red.

7. You can pause videos if you hover near the Stop icon whilst your video is recording

8. Once you are complete press stop and the file will appear in a web browser window (your loom profile) for you to view and edit.

(A set up Wizard will activate upon the completion of your first video)

Watch an example of Loom in action HERE

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