PCQ (Pros, Cons, Questions)

This strategy will help students to: 

  • PCQ is a basic tool used by the critical thinker to analyse any situation before deciding whether or not to support it. The PCQ Extension takes the analysis further and deeper by adding a fourth column header: Perspectives, or Points of View.
  • The column uses perspectives, criteria and special points of interest.



    • The teacher offers several perspectives to be entered below each other. Allow students the opportunity to include some of their own perspectives.
  2. P = Pros
    • In each cell, enter all the pros, advantages, positives, good points.
  3. C = Cons
    • In each cell, enter all the cons, disadvantages, negatives, weak points, problems, difficulties, etc.
  4. Q = Questions
    • In each cell, enter all the questions, “What if…?”, “I wonder…?”, “It would be interesting to know whether…”, possibilities, unusual questions, insights.



TOPIC: Critically analyse and apply health information to health decisions (year 9/10 health)

TASK: Analyse the health information relating to mandatory child vaccinations.

Argue whether it is the right decision for all people.

TOOL: PCQ Extension

1 Health ·         A high level (90-99%) of protection from preventable diseases, such as polio.

·         Decrease in child deaths.

·         Delivered in safe dosages.

·         Side effects – pain and discomfort of needle.

·         Other possible side effects from aluminium.

·         Are vaccinations linked to autism?
2 Community ·         Vaccinations limit the spread of diseases to vulnerable people; sick and elderly. ·         Little community choice; “No Jab, No Pay’ policy and banning from pre-schools and child care centres. ·         What is the threat if some children did not become vaccinated?
3 Parents ·         Healthy children.

·         Funded by Government.

·         Ensuring the child is up to date with shots.

·         Possible reaction/discomfort to shots.

·         Should parents be given a choice?


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