Quizlet is an online revision tool where staff and students can create and share quizzes, flashcards, tests, diagrams and more. You can create items in Quizlet and have access to existing Quzlets.

This tool is ideal for students to use individually or in small groups, instead as a whole class. You can; Create or collaborate: Create custom study sets with the material you’re covering in class or access the many sets other teachers have already put together on thousands of subjects. Keep classes organized: With your free account, you can create up to eight classes to organize your sets and easily share them with different groups of students.


Staff go to https://quizlet.com/ and create a free account. Search or create a Quizlets and share them with students.

Alternatively, have students create the content. This tool is especially useful for older year levels.


Students work in small groups to create a Quzlet Flashcards after a unit of work in preparation for the semester exam. The teacher uses this as an opportunity to reteach any knowledge which appears to have been misunderstood.



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