Kahoot is an online revision tool where staff and students can create and share quizzes, jumbles and surveys. Staff can obtain immediate feedback and can easily check for understanding during a lesson using Kahoot. Staff can also download data and responses to track student understanding. You can create a Kahoot and have access to existing Kahoot quizzes.



  1. Staff go to https://kahoot.com/ and create a free account. Search or create a Kahoot quiz.
  2. In class connect your computer to a projecter/screen so that the whole class can see your kahhot and press the play button. A code will appear for students to register to play.
  3. Students log into the Kahoot by going to this site https://kahoot.it/ (they don’t need an account) from their netbooks/devices to play.
  4. You will play a round of Kahoot and then will be able to download data in excel of the results.


  • Staff create a Kahoot at the end of a lesson to see if students have learnt key concepts.
  • Students work in small groups to create a Kahoot after a unit of work in preparation for the semester exam. The teacher uses this as an opportunity to reteach any knowledge which appears to have been misunderstood.



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