Peer assessment

Strategy:  Peer assessment

Phase: Focused Instruction/Guided Instruction/Collaborative Learning/Independent Learning

Description: This formative assessment task would be completed as a part of collaborative learning. They are required to read, discuss and moderate other students work in order to formulate an improved response.



  • Students write a response to a question or an opening paragraph eg. ‘How did xx actor use their expressive skills to present their character?’
  • The teacher collects the responses but does not correct.
  • The following lesson students are grouped and given a set of responses. Students compare and discuss which is the best answer or parts of the answer and they formulate a best response.
  • Responses are then shared with the class and discussed.



Peer assessment is a process in which students provide feedback to other students. The purpose of this feedback is to help classmates improve their learning. Feedback is a learning activity and student learning benefits when students receive feedback from, and give feedback to, their peers. By giving feedback to peers, students strengthen their understanding of the lesson Learning Goals and Success

Criteria, which in turn, helps them to assess their own learning.


Peer assessment and feedback is grounded in the three questions that frame the Feedback Loop:


Where am I going? à Where is my peer going?

Where am I now? à Where is my peer now?

Where to next? à Where is my peer going next?

In order to answer these questions, students need a clear understanding of the lesson Learning Goals and Success Criteria. They also need to learn how to use this information to provide effective feedback to their peers.



Teacher models to students how to provide feedback

The teacher provides students with samples of student work (preferably from a student in another class or a created sample), they review the learning and criteria with the whole class, consider the work in light of the criteria, and discuss what feedback to provide and why. While examining a student work sample with the class, a teacher might also comment on what he/she is noticing about the work in relation to the Success Criteria and ask the students to make suggestions about what feedback would help this particular student.


After the teacher has modelled this to the class, in a following activity they will ask students to assess each other’s work using the following protocols for providing written feedback;



Recall, ponder, and communicate

• I relate/concur/disagree with X because…

• I like what you did with X because…


Seek information and/or provide ideas through questioning

• Have you considered looking at X from Y perspective?

Introduce ideas for improvement of current iteration

• You might think about including some information from another resource. Here is a link.

Raise a higher degree or purpose in future iterations

• Perhaps you could expand this section on X to

further analyse this section Y.


**** Should I now also provide examples where this is more advanced, or create another document?




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