Strategy: Facebook


Students create a Facebook page for an individual.

This can apply to actual individuals or literary figures.


After learning about a person, event or text, students are required to create a Facebook page that identifies key information about the individual.

Furthermore it will highlight the nature and life of the individual. Furthermore, key events, images, videos and references can be included.

Students can create a profile via the website http://www.classtools.net/FB/home-page


Humanities – Ancient China

Students need to create a Facebook profile for Emperor Qin Shi Huang. In doing so, they will identify key dates, social change, geographical knowledge, include relevant images, have online discussions deduced from information about the emperor and those around him at the time.

After students have completed their profile, the save a PDF copy or print a copy.

English – Text Analysis

After viewing a text, students choose one of the key characters and create a profile page. Ultimately, the student is required to include the key plot points within the profile page. They are allowed to make assumptions of events that may happened before or after the telling of the text.



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